Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Aldehydes and Ketones

Help with naming aldehydes and ketones is now available.
AUS-e-TUTE has just uploaded new resources (games, tests, tutorials) to introduce students to the preferred IUPAC system for naming alkanals (simple aldehydes) and alkanones (simple ketones).

AUS-e-TUTE members should log-in to use these new resources: http://www.ausetute.com.au

"Free-to-view" tutorials are currently available for non-members:
Naming Alkanals: http://www.ausetute.com.au/namalkanal.html
Naming Alkanones: http://www.ausetute.com.au/namalkanone.html

Information about membership is available at: http://www.ausetute.com.au/membership.html
and you can join AUS-e-TUTE at http://www.ausetute.com.au/register.html

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