Friday, September 25, 2015

Where to Study Chemistry?

Are you thinking about studying chemistry at a university?
How should you choose which university?

For those of you who like lists ("The 10 most jocular jokes", "The 10 cutest cat videos", etc, etc), here is a list of the "best" universities: you can visit

Now that you've got that "list thing" out of your system, it's time to think seriously about where you will study chemistry.It's probably a good idea to visit the website of the universities you are interested in and get a feel for what you will be studying, who will be teaching you, and what the research interests of the lecturers are.
I hesitate to suggest this next move, but I know you will have thought of it before me, so here goes...  lots of those lectures will be available on youtube, so you "can test and try and before you buy" so to speak. The reason I hesitate to suggest you do this is that quite a number (possibly a very large number) of these videos should never have been made (well, not without some professional film-making advice, and in a number of instances they would have been improved enormously by the substitution of the lecturer by a professional, or even amateur, actor), or having been made, should not have been released into the public domain. They are often just recorded lectures, no green-screen, no whiz-bang CGI, no bombs going off, no exciting car chases, just lots of information delivered by someone competent to deliver it. If the thought of that excites you, please go and view the videos (and you should certainly study chemistry!), if not, don't bother with the videos, but do visit each university's website.
You should also visit your Careers Adviser, he/she will have lots of information!

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