Sunday, January 15, 2017

Problem Solving in Chemistry

Some years ago, AUS-e-TUTE added a "how to solve problems in chemistry" page.
We call this approach to problem solving the StoPGoPS method:
  1. Stop: State the question.
  2. Pause: Prepare a plan of how you will solve the problem'
  3. Go! Follow the steps in your plan.
  4. Pause: Ponder the plausibility of your answer. (Have you answered the question you were asked? Does the answer look "about right"?
  5. Stop: State your solution (if your answer seems plausible) or Start again (if your answer doesn't look right)
Well, we have now added a Template that students can use to help guide them through the Problem Solving Process. You can download this "Template for Problem Solving" pdf at for free.

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